life Groups

Life Groups are how we care for each other. 

Life is better in a group.

The enemy will always try to isolate you, that's why we do everything possible to get you in a Life Group. You need to be known, care for, encouraged and have people in your corner, ready to do life with you. Belonging to a life group will give you 3 things:
1. Connection- we want to know and be known. To connect with other people and families who are in the same season of life. There is power in connection and having somewhere to go when life gets hard.

2. Protection- There are power in numbers. Again, we don't do life alone or isolated. But when we chose to do life together, you will be spiritually covered and prayed over by your group leaders as well as you fellow group members. We want tobe there with you through the highs and lows of life.

3. Growth- We want you to spiritually grow in your faith with Jesus through Biblical curriculum and programs, discipleship and even leadership opportunities. We grow and strengthen each other. We want you to reach the potential God has put inside of you and unlock the real you.

So what are you waiting for?

Don't do life alone.

Click the link below and explore all our different life groups. Find one that interests you and click "Request to Join." That's it. It's that easy to take the first step.

Still have questions?

It's OK to have questions. Whether you are looking for a specific group or are interested in leading a life group, Pastor Justin would love to help you. You can reach him at the email below. Let us help you find a group today. 

Life Group Questions